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iFRAGRANCE INDIA is a key Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of different kinds of Essential Oils, Indian Attar, Carrier Oils, Floral Water and Absolutes. We have attained expertise offering a huge collection of effective, natural as well as healthy variety of products. Our collection is provided in high grade packaging to ensure long lasting freshness, aroma and safe usage. We develop the collection under hygienic and safe conditions to ensure no adulteration. In addition, we have been offering 100% pure, natural and safe to use collection to provide the clients the best value of their money. 

Products Offered

Essential Oil

Agar Wood Oil

Basil Oil

Cardamom Oil

Aniseed Oil

Bergamot Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

Balsam Peru Oil

Black Pepper Oil

Cedar Wood Himalayan Rectified

Balsam Tolu Oil

Calamus Essential Oil

Celery Seed Oil

Chamomile German Oil

Citronella Oil(Assam, Java)

Davana Oil

Chamomile Roman Oil

Citronella Oil South

Elemi Oil

Cinnamon Bark Oil

Clarysage Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Clove Bud Oil

Fennel Seed Oil

Frankincense Oil (S.D.)

Clove Leaf Oil

Coriander Seed Oil

Frankincense Oil

Ginger Oil

Cumin Seed Oil

Gardenia Oil

Ginger Grass Oil

Hydechium Root Oil(Kapur Kachari)

Geranium Oil

Juniper Leaf Oil

Hyssop Essential Oil

Grape Fruit Oil

Kewra Oil

Jasmine(Cosm. Grade)

Honey Suckle Oil

Lavandin Abrialis Oil

Juniper Berry Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Lavandin Oil Grasso

Mugwort Oil

Lime Oil

Lavender Oil

Myrrh Absolute

Lavender Oil Soap Grade

Mandarin Oil

Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil)

Lemon Oil


Narcissus Oil

Lemon Oil Cold Pressed

Marjoram Sweet Oil

Neouli Oil

Nutmeg Oil

Melissa Oil

Neroli Oil

Oak Mass

Petit Grain Oil

Rose Otto(Rossa Damascene) Oil

Orange Sweet Oil

Pine Oil

Rose(Cosm. Grade)

Palmorosa Oil

Rose De Mai

Rosemary Oil

Peppermint Oil

Styrax Benzoin(Sumatra)

Rosewood Oil(Rose De Bois)

Sandalwood Oil(Cosm. Grade)

Styrax Tonkinesis

Tuberose(Cosm. Grade)

Spike Lavendar Oil

Sugandha Mantri Oil

Turmeric Oil

Spikenard Oil


Valerian Root Oil

Tarragon Oil

Thuja Wood Oil(Morepankhi)

Vanilla Food Grade

Tangerin Oil

Thyme Oil Red

Vetiver Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Thyme Oil White

Vetiver Oil(Ruh Khus,Wild & Green)

Ylang Ylang Oil

Cassia Oil

Dill Seed

Ylang Ylang Oil(Pure)

Cypress Oil

Ajowan Oil

Ylang Yiang Oil Extra


Jata Mansi

Sugandh Bala

Absolute Oil


Blue Lotus

Castorium (50%)

Amber Grece

Black Musk

Castorium ( Normal )

Amber Brown



Amber White

Castorium (Pure)



Ginger Lily


Green Tea





Linden Blossom

Firangi Pani


Lily Of Valley

Jasmin Samback

Jasmin Grandi

Lily Absolute

Kewara Absolute

Jasmin Oriculatum



Orris Root




White Musk

Orange Blossom


Yellow Musk

Pink Lotus

Tube Rose

White Lotus

Rose Absolute

White Tea

Floral Water

Agarwood Water

Rajnigandha Water

Menhdi Water

Rose Water

Zafrie Water

Motia Water

Kewara Water

Khus Water

Carrier Oil

Almond Oil

Neem Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Avocado Oil

Wheatgerm Oil

Jojoba Golden Oil

Calendula Oil

Walnut Oil

Jojoba Clear Oil

Cucumber Seed Oil

Watermelon Seed Oil

Mecadamia Nut Oil

Evening Primerose Oil

Indian Attar

Attar Shamama

Attar Firangipani

Attar Kewara

Attar Hina Musk

Attar Lily

Attar Tuberose (Rajnigandha)

Attar Motia

Attar Champa

Attar Osmenthus

Attar Mittie ( Gill )

Attar Zafran

Attar Zafrie (Genda)

Attar Gulab

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

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Year of Establishment